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In Valentine's Day Special on February 14, 2009 at 3:48 pm

People use this day to remember their loved ones and to remind them of the love. The essence of love, I believe, is sharing. It’s not just that romantic fizz that’s like an obsession (literally, at the neurochemical level!), grows on one intensely, and finally, like a season, like an effervesence, it is gone. Though I fear that’s the kind of love that catches the fancy of our youth more often.

The hitch is that even the companionate type of love is not perfect. It’s blemished by plenty of discomforts, blocks in communication, gaps in mutual understanding, straight clashes (mismatches) of personality, and necessary compromises that can be maintained only after suffering plentiful of frustrations, irritations and at times disillusionments.

Ideally, a companion should be always available to you. There are many moments in life when you need, oh yes, need somebody close to you; you will much prefer one of your near and dear ones on such a time or may be that beloved whom you’ve sent that valentine’s gift. But that does not always happen. Sometimes the distance is mental, rather than physical. You have a near-ideal camarederie with a person you love. Then, suddenly, on your mental journey together, experiencing things, making plans, discussing topics such a chasm is discovered that makes you realize how far you really stand. Sometimes, all those closest of your people are all around you but you are caught up in such a situation that their proximity is no help. Sometimes, you are suddenly robbed of your beloved’s or best friend’s company by that irrecovable seperation — death!

So, apparently, there will be no perfect valentine.

But wait a minute…

Or is there one?

Who will be the nearest, perfectly nearest? Someone who is near you all the time without getting on your nerves, obviously! Someone who is not just physically there, but always has the power to be of real and immediate help to you, who is not burdened by weaknesses and problems of his/her own? Someone, depending on whom does not deprive you of your self-respect, your autonomy, your reason and your self-control. Someone, who in the worst possible circumstances, in the farthest distances on earth, between the maddest of situations, will still be there with you; whom you could immediately reach out to and get in touch with by just redirecting the focus of your thoughts…

Just imagine the sense of relief! You are in a strange place, lost, bewildered, on the verge of panic. Suddenly a door opens and your parent, sibling, spouse, or friend enters and holds you in your arms.

Who is that perfect valentine who can give you such a sense of relief in each and every moment of your life, particularly when you are losing your communication with those you’d sincerely believed in.

I’m sure you have solved this riddle by now 🙂

We have a valentine with Him five times a day!