About this blog

There is a lot of variation in the world, a huge variety of ideas, customs, shapes, organisms and what not. The vast amount of things in this universe to ponder upon may make one confused. But surely we can attempt to make sense out of this confusion. And there are things that can help us in this goal.

Traditionally, there have been two sources which people have relied upon to understand the mysteries of this universes and of our existence in here. Religion and Science. Many believe the two to be irreconcilable, a notion for which popularity both scientists and religious scholars are responsible to a great extent. On the other hand, there are plenty of observations in this world which indicate to the contrary.

I aspire this blog to be a tribute to the infinite variety of things to be experienced in this world. I also hope to share some random musings as to the deeper meaning of things. In effect, my blog will be just like a journal in which I share my observations as I surf through the world and the web. Many of my observations could be in the form of quotes, excerpts, summaries and paraphrases from what I come across. I dare not pose scholarship on matters in which I clearly possess no academic qualification. Hence, I will try to go by the rule of providing references. Occasionally, however, you may find my own thoughts posted.

Salaam and take care,

Rhodora Online,


  1. AOA

    Thanks for dropping by. it’s great to find another blog. There are soo many blogs around that a person like me could get confused. ehhe

    I am more pleased to know that you are discussing issues with Islamic Ummah.


  2. I’m much inspired. Especially your point of making sense out the apparent chaos. That leads to God. I shall seek wisdom in this regard on your blog.

  3. “I’m much inspired.” Thanks for your sincere comment. Convictions of the heart and contemplations of the mind are not necessarily transmitted as it is in explicit words. This has been my discovery since I’ve started this blog. I sincerely pray I can make my blog live up to the aspirations I set when I started.

  4. Assalam Alaikum.
    ‘God is not a Delusion: A Muslim Doctor Presents Evidence for Belief’
    This is a well-researched book that presents arguments to counter atheism, written by a Muslim doctor, from an Islamic perspective. The book will be available in July from the following link.
    It will be best if the link to the book can be made available on your website.
    Kind regards,

  5. Salam,

    Your website is fascinating and masha Allah, a deep source of wisdom.

    Can you please email me?

    I had a few questions.


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