REFLECTIONS: Clouds and Smoke… Part II

In Islam on July 14, 2009 at 6:09 pm

Continued from Part I (in which I shared some of my random and vague anxieties about the Sawat situation).

The second phenomenon with which my mind has been continually preoccupied has not happened yet. But for all appearances, it may come about very soon. At least the makings of the phenomenon are well under way…

Dajjal, the Anit-Christ.

Signs of Qayamah and Dajjal

Nearly all the minor signs (derived from authentic  ahadith) to appear before that Last Day are now complete. All kinds of immoralities are the order of the day, being happily engaged in and promoted; while the people – muslim or not – willingly choose the corrupt and the hypocrite as their leaders. Even some of the more specific minor signs such as competing for the heights of buildings, and the female hairstyle of wearing hair-buns on the top of the heads) have been realized for years.

picture at the back of a dollarThe one minor sign which I’m particularly interested in and which so keenly reminds me of the approaching Dajjal is the prophecy that Christians will reach Khyber. [I haven’t been able to find a proper online reference to this hadith, but I have read it in an other reliable source.] This Khyber refers to the one in Saudi Arabia, of course.

The same hadith contains the general prediction that Christians will govern the whole world – the Khyber prediction seems to be one specific manifestation of it. A manifestation which is not too far from being realized. A manifestation to which the whole current scenario involving the Middle East, Iran  and, of course, Pakistan is speedily leading up.

Among the major sings preceding Dajjal, there are but two – the appearance of Mahdi and the famine of increasing extensiveness over a period of three years. The appearance of Imam Mahdi is the first major sign of qiyamah to surface. There is doubt as to the exact duration of his reign on the ummah but the more popular view seems to be seven years. It is towards the end of his reign that Dajjal will appear, followed later by Hazrat Isa to kill Dajjal and to take over the leadership of the ummah after Mahdi’s death.

Dajjal, the System

Ahmed Thomson's book on Dajjal, the SystemThere are three aspects of Dajjal. There is Dajjal the individual. There is Dajjal as a world wide social and cultural phenomenon. There is Dajjal as an unseen force. [Ahmad Thomson in Dajjal: the King Who has No Clothes]

Ahmad Thomson is a Muslim scholar who has taken pains to describe how the forerunners of Western civilization have been paving the way for the One Currency, One Government, and One Leader, a dream which is speedily coming true before our very eyes and whose pinnacle will be the appearance of Dajjal, the ultimate Leader of the system.

freemasonry symbolAhmed Thomson points out the Freemasons as the real organizing (the unseen) force underlying the System that has been firmly implanting its feet in societies and governments for the past few centuries. Many have come to believe this  (for example see here) and have attempted to show the connections between masonic history and more  current world politics. On youtube some interesting videos on the topic may be found, though the authenticity of every aspect of their presentations cannot always be gauranteed.

The focus of Thomson’s enlightening book, however, is neither the history of freemasons nor its secretive role in the world politics. Rather, Thomson attempts to analyze every manifestation of that typical Western progress and civiliation – their medical, legal, financial, educational, etc. systems – and to show how these very systems [indeed the very science on which these systems are based] lead to results quite opposite to the values taught by the Prophet (salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam)  and inculcated by him with a great labor of love in the Madinah society that he had founded. [Read the text of the first few pages of Ahmed Thomson’s brilliant exposition on Dajjal, the system here.]

I myself have often wondered at the workings of these systems to the limits of my knowledge and have related them to the increase in the very things these systems are claimed to eliminate – disease, unrest, crime, ignorance of the profound values of life, lasting peace of minds and hearts…

Another interesting point is how some of the crowning achievements of the Western progress make  some of the very specific characteristics of Dajjal, the individual very plausible to us, the satellite communications, the airplanes, the striving for the global village. An interesting article of old by the Islamic Party of Britian expresses this much better than I can.

So when does he come?

In plain and simple words (which all skeptics will call oversimplified) when the New World Order is finally realized, when the One Currency and One Government dream is  achieved, when the political centre of the governance of the world shifts at last to the freemasonist jews in Israel.

In short, very soon in the decades to follow.

I remember in school when I was told about the signs of Qayamah I always used to think ‘oh that must be far far away, centuries hence, no need to worry my mind over it’. Today, I’m fearfully waiting for the first major signs of Qayamah to appear. The stage is nearly all set. We only wait for the hour to be sounded…

Seriously, there are 91 years yet to go in this century. It has only taken us the headlong rush of the past 8 years since 9/11 to bring us face to face with the reality of the approaching Qayamah. And if not myself, then my children will in all probability live in the era of Dajjal.

How to cope?

Our Prophet (salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam) has prepared us well in this respect. He has painstakenly revealed to us details of Dajjal’s background, his physical appearance, the seemingly magical but really scientific feats in his repertoire with which he will lure people into following him, and the details of his era on this earth: his emergence, deceptions, encounters and finally his end.

Like any prescription of the doctor forgotten upon the shelf, our prohpet’s pains will be wasted if we don’t make use of the knowledge he has given us.

So what are we doing with the prescription? Dajjal the individual is nearly upon us, but how many of the muslims are really thinking about it? Do we care to access the treasure trove of authentic ahadith on this topic and familiarize ourselves with it? Do we speak to our children (by which I mean any members of the young generation that we are in touch with) about it, for they indeed might be the ones who face Dajjal in the prime of their adult lives?

My fellows, it is NOT JUST about identifying him and his actions. It is REALLY about the depth and the firmness of our belief in God.

Already the western way of making science and society has allured many of our current generation away from a real belief on the One and Only and on His Word. You have to read any of the myriad modern blogs by ‘enlightened’ bloggers to learn that. A majority of the Muslim population seem  hypocrites and a significant number are, or stand the risk of, turning atheists at heart. It is these very kinds that Dajjal’s cunning will be keenly successful with.


The only real solution must be to acquaint ourselves and our children with the most authentic sources of our religion; to return repeatedly to the Quran with a thinking, pondering heart; and to approach all we are being given in the name of  science, culture, society, progress, and modernity with a thinking, independent and skeptic mind whose deepest emotional connection must be with Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam).


May Allah make us succeed in our hefty goals.


  • In times of active conflict with kuffars, our Prophet (salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam) used to recite Qunut-e-Nazila instead of the usual Qunut prayer recited in the third rak’at of witr, the last prayer of the day after Isha. These are indeed high times to engage in the practice and to recite both the versions of the nazila qunut that we find in authentic ahadith as general prayers. These qunuts may be found commonly in collections of wazaif and of masnoon prayer pieces.
  • The hadith in which our Prophet mentions recitation of Sura Kahaf as an antidote to the evils of Dajjal is really about the first 10 verses of the sura. The hadith is to the effect that whosoever recites the first 10 verses of Sura Kahaf on successive Jummas (Fridays) will be saved for the duration from the evils of Dajjal. It is high time we make it into a practice and teach both these noble traditions (the qunut and the lines of sura kahaf) to our young.
  1. Salams honey!

    First, let me congratulate you on setting up such a blog… I knew you were the kind of person who needed something like this to air your views that you just can’t keep it in.. ( i can see that!! :P)

    I haven’t read the rest of your posts but I agree with the gist of this particular post. Taleban is just a scapegoat in taking over pak.. thats a fact. In fact, if someone farts they will say its the taliban!

    Next on the topic of dajjal and qiyamah, i recommend you listen to this cd by Yasir Qadhi known as “The mahdi, between fact and fiction”. Its really good. I also recommend every one to listen to Anwar al Awlaki’s “The Hereafter” series. Subhanallah, it changes the heart and gives you a booster shot of eman.

    I have my doubts on the concept of freemasons and to be honest with you, the skeptic in me doesn’t let me believe things till I have thoroughly researched it. As of right now, I don’t believe them to be a threat. I am sorry but sometimes our ummah blames others for their own malfunctions….. and the freemasons become our scapegoats. We are in this state because we have forgotten the quran and sunnah. Period! No buts no ifs.

    Khair, I have to go now.. hope to catch you on fb, yahoo or something!

  2. Thanks for your informative comments! You are right in being skeptic about freemasons, but we cannot deny that Jews and Christians will unite in their attempt to govern the whole world (what they are so obviously trying to achieve even now); it doesn’t matter one bit whether it is actually freemasons or some other organization leading things on the inside.

  3. Very nice and informative, thanks for sharing.

  4. I heard that also if you read surat al kahaf on fridays it will protect you from the punishment of the grave

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