REFLECTIONS: Clouds and Smoke… Part I

In Pakistan Issues on July 12, 2009 at 12:30 pm

Salaam and welcome back to my readers.

I’m back after an interval of more than two months. Two months that have been filled with a lot of illusions, infirmaries, illnesses, interferences, inconstancies and many more things mostly negative that begin with an i. Most of all however, this has been a time for discoveries and disillusionments about and with my own self and also with my milieu.

There have been two phenomenons which have repeatedly occupied my mind during this interval.

The first of them, shared with all my fellow country-men, is Sawat…. our beautiful valley that has been given to the dogs. [I deliberately write down this name as Sawat, instead of the usual Swat, because the former gives the more correct native pronunciation] And the whole chain of events leading to its demise is so complex, one doesn’t know what to think, who to blame, and in what manner to relieve one’s feelings.

When I think of Sawat, I feel like I am lost in a cloud of dark smoke which doesn’t let me see anything. And this is certainly the true state of my mind whenever I think on this topic. For try as I might, I just can’t believe the storyline on Sawat that is being fed to us and that most of us are happy to believe in with a foolish placidity. I know the scourge of Talebans and how it creates the neat necessity (or excuse?) of doing exactly what the Pakistan government is doing now. But I can’t brush off the feeling that the whole phenomenon of Taleban is a convenient wrapper concealing far deeper and more sinister chain of causes deeply entrenched in universal politics. A vast flamboyant carpet under which a lot of trash has been sweeped…

For I can’t help judging the under-lying motives from the immediately plausible consequences of this military operation. The Sawat valley is now in my imagination a vast platform being readied for the reception of the Americans. In fact every single action that the Talebans have taken and the responses meted out by our governments seem to me to have been favoring the US goals, inviting them closer and closer.

Some will think I have the benefit of hindsight, most will write me off as a conspiracy theorist, but I just can’t erase these gut feelings which may not be too base-less in fact.

Two months ago when I started reading the statements of some of our civic leaders to the effect that the displaced Sawatians would not be tolerated or supported inside the cities, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at such a blatant hypocrisy. This heartlessness does make me ask what is the real intention behind the operations? Just killing all these people off to make way for the badaisies?

Even those who are  trying to help are in trouble. Trucks required to supply the necessities to our homeless brethrens  are charging exorbitant rents. Distributers trusted  with the charge of conveying goods are dishonest, and many trucks are way-laid. Even the common person’s hearts are less touched than at the time of the October earthquake back in 2005. Charity organizations are repeatedly complaining lack of resources and a mass coolness in the spirit of charity-giving. Can we not even spare our  next piece of garment, our next pair of shoes, our next music purchase, our next thriller read, or our next pizza dinner in remembrance of these bedraggled people? People who are suffering at the hands of their own fellows for the sake of those aduw-ullah against whom God has sent us ample warnings in his last Holy Book?

Or we care more for dead music gods and vain cricket trophies…

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